Dangerous scams doing the rounds rights now

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Dangerous scams doing the rounds rights now – and how to protect yourself from them



A scammer calls you and impersonates an official from your bank and informs you that your bank account has been compromised and that you need to transfer your funds to a new account. This ‘new’ account belongs to the scammer.


The scammer then asks you to call the number provided on your bank card so it seems like an official call and you feel safe calling an official number rather than trusting someone random over the phone. However, don’t be fooled by this because in actuality the scammer doesn’t hang up the call and when you dial the number on your bank card you ‘connect’ directly to the scammer where he or she pretend to be another official of the bank. There goes your money!




This is where a scammer uses a cheap piece of technology to impersonate your bank’s number and tricks you into providing your online banking passwords and then use this information to transfer money from your account to theirs.


Courier fraud


This scam involves the scammer sending out a courier to collect your bank card after successfully tricking you out of your banking information by informing you that your account has been compromised.


Solicitor/business fraud


This scam works similarly to the others but targets big money transactions at solicitors or businesses.


Scam emails/fraudulent sites


Email fraud is nothing new but with time they are becoming extremely convincing. Here are some pointers to spot a scam email:


  • Spelling mistakes are a definitive sign of a fraudulent email
  • Stay clear of emails and pop ups that provide you with a link where you are asked to fill in any personal information
  • A genuine email to you will always address you using your full name and never be addressed as ‘Dear Customer’ or anything not personal to you
  • Any email that you suspect of being fraudulent should be deleted immediately and any links provided on the email should not be clicked. Replying to these emails is a no no as well.


A couple of rules to live by:


Remember to never share any personal information over the phone with anyone. If a suspicious phone call leaves you in any doubt about the integrity of your bank account, pay a visit to your bank to inquire.


If you don’t trust the origin of an email then no matter how tempting it may be to click on the link provided within the email please abstain from doing so.


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