Networking Done Right: Cisco’s Vision Behind DNA-Centre

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In recent years we have seen many advances within the transportation industry from the current crop of autonomous vehicles to talks of developing magnetic levitation trains and even flying cars. We surely have an exciting technology driven future to look forward to.

The foundation for these digital transformations is the network and in order for this advanced digital future to be fully realised there is a need to transform the network itself.

Cisco has been applying all its know how to transform its network to make it future proof – a self-learning, self-correcting and self-contained, closed-loop system, delivering intent-based networking. Cisco has a vision to vastly simplify networking and integrate with other parts of IT to enable digital transformation. To realise this vision, a single touch point on top of the network called the DNA Centre was created. The DNA Centre abstracts the entire complexity of the network underneath and will be full automated, moving away from the traditional way of a manually operated network.

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